IMG_0137 (Photo credit:Sandy Arena)

I’m Deborah… thankful to be a child of God, wife to an outgoing, ambitious and optimistic husband who has an infectious smile and  a mother to six beautiful (yes 6) children! My family (most of them) enjoys being guinea pigs for the most outrageous “healthy” recipes. I’ve lived on 3 different continents, enjoy traveling but I miss my family who live all over the world. I have an addiction to books about mothering and good English tea. I love to laugh but admittedly want and need to find more moments of fun. I treasure my genuine friends who are more than friends, they are sisters. I’m passionate about sharing the trials and joys of marriage and motherhood as I know that encouragement from other moms help me to embrace my God given calling. I hope that in everything that I do others will see my love for Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, and my desire to live a life pleasing to Him.


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