In 1993 a blonde, blue eyed Bible college student stole my heart and in the 20+ years that followed, we have made a beautiful and sometimes crazy life for ourselves. Together we are raising our four boys, two big boys old enough to be like friends, and two littles who keep us young with their insatiable quest for action, while we are trying to come out somewhat sane on the other side! And in the middle of them, two babies with part of our hearts in heaven.

So, in this season I find myself saying goodbye a little more each day to the childhoods of my big boys, one in college and one in high school, as I watch them grow and begin to find their own way. I hold tighter to my littles, knowing that their days are coming and this mama needs all the snuggles and little’s loving moments as I can get. Those sweet, 7 year old feet on the pillow at 3 a.m. moments… those I may be able to forgo. 🙂

I homeschool the younger three which on the good days keeps me thanking Jesus for His amazing grace and on the bad days finds me binge eating Dove chocolates in front of the open freezer door where I have hidden them, thanking Jesus for His amazing grace! Second grade, middle school, and graduation this coming year…I should buy stock.

Being an Italian mama with 5 man-boys in the house pretty much forces me to love cooking. My favorite moments are when they are all home, sitting around my table. Its loud and messy, but its mine and I love it.

I love creating, bright colors and flowers growing free, the artist in me contrasting my compulsive planning and keeping things neat and orderly (much to the frustration of my ever so relaxed male family). So, when the loud and the mess get too much, I take some time with the female kind, usually over coffee and chocolate. Because I love listening and encouraging other moms in their journey of marriage and motherhood, knowing that even on those Dove days, we are not alone.



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