Why 5 Mamas?

I am surrounded. Surrounded by men; small men, tall men, blonde ones, dark ones, sometimes kneeling down to their level or still able to carry in my arms, but more often these days, looking up at them. I’m the queen of my own little castle and I love saying,” Yes, I have all boys!” A lovely castle filled with loud, loud voices, loud wrestling, loud nerf battles, loud laughter, loud…everything! When I married my love almost 21 years ago, I had no idea how much these boys would change me, refine me, relax me, stretch my patience level, and open my heart to love so deep. If you have more than one boy, I know we could sit down for coffee and have a fabulous chat, probably with lots of laughter and even some tears. Yeah, I would “get” you. While sitting in my comfy chair, trying to read more than two sentences at a time while nerf bullets flew past my head, I made a decision to be more purposeful in a few areas of my life, one of which was my friendships. I need my girl time! So, I asked a small group of ladies to get together once a month to read a book and go through it; to grow as followers of Jesus, wives, mamas, and friends. What followed was a time filled with real, authentic relationships through laughter, tears, accountability, support, and coffee and chocolate, always coffee and chocolate! In this blog you will meet the original 5 mamas, as well as new writers that have joined us as time has gone by.  They are filled with wisdom and grace, their lives made beautiful because of the One they serve. And they are so funny, oh, how they make me laugh! I hope you will join us as we share our stories, chatting with us as you see yourself in them. Because you may…we are all in this together, aren’t we? Knowing that makes it all a little easier.



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