Chasing the Wind


If you simplify your life, quit chasing the wind, and be quiet before Him, He’ll show up.” Chip Ingram

Quit chasing the wind <—-That right there. That phrase speaks to me.

I can add that phrase to “stop the glorification of busy,” be true to yourself,” and “you are enough.” Combine all 4 of those phrases and you have my summer mantra.

I’ve written and erased so many words….wanting to share with you my thoughts on what those phrases mean to me and how they’ve changed how I feel about many things, how I now approach my days or think about things. The thing is, each time I try to express my thoughts, it just doesn’t seem to be the right way. The words don’t do the thoughts justice. And those who know me know I’m all about justice. By the way, I wrote that last sentence while chuckling, but it is true.

I would love to encourage you to embrace those phrases for yourself, to really allow them to sink in and not just say them, to maybe even change a few things in your thoughts, in your life…to own those phrases. But I realize that we are all on a different path and in a different place. It’s taken me a long time….in my opinion, too long….to quit chasing the wind, to quit pursuing the wrong things,to quit trying to fit in within the wrong places. It’s very freeing to realize that we are not meant to pursue it all, or to fit in in all areas or places.  And then to release a big sigh when you actually allow yourself to be still and find the path your supposed to be on, to find the place you do fit in. When that square peg finally finds that square hole….good gravy, it’s a beautiful thing. So, what do I mean by fitting in? I mean…fitting into your own skin. Being all you. Not feeling like you have to be doing what everyone else is doing. To be quiet enough to hear that still small voice….that voice that gives you peace…God’s voice….and go in that direction.

Wishing you beauty and freedom today. Take a nice slow walk and quit chasing the wind.






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