Hello, 2016!

It’s still 2015 {for just a few more days} but I am already thinking on 2016. I know I’m posting this in January, but I’m actually writing it in December, on Christmas Eve to be exact. I should be prepping for family coming for dinner, prepping for tomorrow…yeah, I’m all about prepping….but instead, I’m avoiding it all and writing some thoughts before they float away.

Over the last month, something clicked in my head and I realized that I was letting some negative things take precedence. Not intentionally. Heck no….I thrive on all things positive {don’t we all?} so if I had recognized it as it was happening I would have squashed it in its tracks, the negative stuff, that is. Nope. As with most things negative, it was a subtle and slow process. I love how God can just turn a switch in your head, like that click I mentioned earlier, and suddenly you see things clearly. I also love that we have the ability to make a choice. As Claire mentioned, choosing to view the day in a new way, and as Ginger wrote about, to choose hope. Angela spoke of how a bad day, or chaos from our kids can be turned around with our response, and Deborah spoke about feeling depleted but choosing to surrender. I sense a totally unplanned theme with all us mamas, and I’m digging it. We all, you included, have bad days, bad seasons, bad {insert your choice}, but we also all have the ability to turn a switch, make a choice, change an attitude.

That power is right there waiting for us. We don’t have to drive to the store or save up enough money to purchase it. It’s right there in our own head and heart, placed there by our heavenly Father. Why don’t we use it? I know for me, times of depression, whether due to hormone/chemical imbalance or life situations, can quickly make me feel empty, weak, and totally powerless. In those times, I’m learning to find my fuel. For me it’s prayer, a walk, rest, a good book. Those are some of my remedies. What are yours? I feel like if we recognize and prepare ourselves for those times of discouragement we conquer them much quicker. Yes, of course, with God’s help. It’s all with God’s help.

2016….I’m feeling hopeful, joyful, and refreshed about it. Isn’t that one of the best things about starting a new year? It’s like you are suddenly allowed to let go of a bunch of mistakes and baggage. A new year is a legitimate reason to refocus and begin anew. I’m hoping for better choices and sustained joy. I’m wishing this for all of us. And when you start to see me slipping a bit and allowing the negative to take precedence, please feel free to remind me of how good positive feels. I’ll do the same for you.

Peace out 2015….hello 2016.





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