He Fails Us Not

There are certain songs that just give me butterflies. You know, the kind that make you feel so deeply, that make you want to move and sing along. If I’m driving in my car and one of my favorite songs come on I sing out loud, very loud. This is one of those songs. I dare you to listen to it and not start singing. Ok, maybe I don’t dare you, but I encourage you to watch and listen.

Along with making me want to sing….this song speaks to me. Loudly! It touches my heart and fills me with compassion. It puts things in perspective. Read the words that pop up as the music plays. They are words of heartache but also seem filled with hope. And I believe hope is contagious.

We all have something going on, something we might be struggling with, or a loved one is struggling with…but…. He is bigger than the battle. Our hope is secure. He fails us not.


One thought on “He Fails Us Not

  1. Kim

    What a beautiful song! This song makes you realize that no matter what you are dealing with there are others dealing with the same or much more. This song reminds us nothing is to big for are Lord he will not fail us. Thank you so much for sharing. My new favorite song!


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